About Fetching Fotos

My love for photography started back when cameras required film and disposal cameras were in high demand. I remember countless times of dropping off film at the local 1 Hour Photo shop and anxiously awaiting their development. I was practically a regular and the owner always greeted me like a friend. As time progressed and technology advanced, that shop closed and I made the switch to digital photography.


As I got older, I explored many styles of photography. I had the rare opportunity of living in Alaska, where I focused more on landscape photos. I also challenged myself and tried sports photography and weddings. Eventually, I developed my own style. I realized my strength was in candid instead of posed portraits. Combining that strength with my love of landscapes, I found that taking candid photos in a natural setting was my favorite way to shoot.


I love to create and capture the beauty of the world around us. That beauty includes the moments we share and the memories that we create with one another. There is nothing quite like the feeling one gets when coming across a picture of an old memory. That warm, happy feeling is priceless. Those memories are special to us, and stay with us long after the moment has passed. The memories with our loved ones are precious, as they are created from a bond like no other. Capturing unique moments through creative photography is extremely fulfilling. I am so grateful to be able to do what I love. It would be my pleasure to capture the true essence of you and your loved ones, and provide you with memories for years to come.






Our goal is to provide a fun and positive experience with each photo session. We specialize in on site, candid photography, where we can capture the true essence of you and your loved ones!